Antibiotic Free Pork, Humanely Raised

As a manufacture of premium pork sausage we are morally obligated to the human treatment of animals that are raised without Antibiotics.

Antibiotic Free Pork

Antibiotic Free means that the animals were never given antibiotics, EVER!  The use of Antibiotics in the production of livestock is a common practice in the US but has been outlawed in Canada and the European Union for years.  There are many studies that indicate that the use of antibiotics in animal production has a direct link to the “super bugs” that are drug resistant in humans.  

We partner with farms that share our values when it comes to raising practices and humane treatment. The farms where we source our pigs never ever use growth promotants of any sort, therefore it takes the pigs a bit longer than commodity pigs to reach market weight. The slower growth helps get a better tasting cut of meat. This is in contrast to about 90% of commercially raised hogs, as they are treated with ractopamine.

This makes them leaner and gain weight faster by increasing the amount of water and decreasing the amount of fat in muscle fibers.  When cooked this meat tends to be drier with less flavor… just as you’ve described.

Our suppliers are committed to these principals of Animal Welfare and invests millions of dollars every year in quality assurance, environment, nutrition and support of our Antibiotic Free Pork program. This program has the following characteristics:

  • No Antibiotics Ever!  This means the pigs are “Never Ever” fed therapeutic or sub-therapeutic antibiotics including ionophores; have never received growth hormones, or other drug therapies, and not given BST, BGH, or other artificial production enhancers
  • Have never been fed meat, bone meal, or any animal bi-products.
  • Have never been fed or given Ractopamine
  • Animals must be free to move around, root and care for their young.  
  • Cages, crates and tie stalls are forbidden.  NO GESTATION STALLS
  • Farmers and Ranchers must comply with food safety and environmental regulations

Our supplier is allowed by the USDA to claim the Antibiotic Free Label and we can guarantee it!

Thank you for choosing Mulay’s Sausage, a ‘Natural Tradition’ for centuries.  

See for yourself if you can taste the difference!