“My husband is from Wisconsin, so he knows his sausage, and he eats a lot of it. He enjoyed Mulay’s Sausage so much that I bought him a case of Mulay’s for his birthday… my brother-in-law ate 8 sausages!” -T. Scott

OK. So I do have two parents. My Father’s side, the Sicilians, seem to get all of the attention when it comes to sausage in this family… but what about my Mom? She’s German! In general, when we think sausage we think of Germany! So Mulay’s created a beautiful bratwurst crafted in the authentic, old world style that is true to both Grandparent’s standards of excellence. Mulay’s Bratwurst has great traditional flavor without all the fat. Here are a few of our favorite Recipe Ideas for Bratwurst: Boil in beer or apple cider and finish on the grill. Serve with sauerkraut! On a cold winter’s night, serve with sautéed purple cabbage and caraway seeds. Cook and slice to serve with a steaming plate of mashed potatoes and baked apples Can anyone say comfort food? Yumm!

  • Bratwurst

    Bratwurst, 12 oz

    Authentic Old World Flavor! 4 – 3 oz Links

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  • Bratwurst, 10 lb Case

    Bratwurst, 10 lb Case

    Brätwurst, 10 lb Case Authentic Old World Flavor! 2 – 5lb packages – Apx. 40 – 1/4 lb Links

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  • Sampler Box

    The Sampler

    The Sampler, try them all to find out if you like them all and shipping is included. This is one package of all nine of our retail products. This will include one 12oz package of all five link products (Mild, Hot, and Killer Hot Italian Sausage, Bratwurst and Breakfast link) as well as one 15oz package of all four ground (or bulk) products (Mild and Hot Italian, Breakfast and Chorizo. This will be a total of 9 pkgs., 7 1/2 pounds of sausage for one price including shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.  Enjoy!

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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Package

    Valentine’s Day Gift Package

    Mulay's Holiday Gift Package

    Mulay’s Valentine’s Day Gift Package is our popular Sausage Sampler with a few fun extras making a special gift for family and friends. This cool gift includes 9 different packages of Mulay’s delicious sausage, a dish towel printed with “From our Family to Yours…Enjoy!” A Mulay’s pen, note pad and a recipe card for Nana’s Stuffing is also included in the package.  The Sausage Sampler includes 1-12oz package of Mild and Original Italian, Killer Hot, Bratwurst and Breakfast link sausage as well as 1-15oz package of each Mild and Original Italian, Breakfast and Chorizo ground sausage.  A glorious 7.5 pounds of gourmet sausage that will delight even the most critical foodie in the family.  The price includes shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.  Enjoy!

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