Centuries Old Family Recipe

Mulay’s Sausage is made according to my family’s centuries old recipes from Sicily. Our family crest dates back to 1326 AD when ancestor Nicolo’ was the Senator of Palermo! Through the centuries the family moved around and settled in the village of ‘Lucca Siccula’ in Sicily, Italy. The families of my grandparents, Nanu and Nana, emigrated from Sicily to the United States around the turn of the century and settled in Pueblo, Colorado. Today, the tradition lives on! Mulay’s Sausage is proudly brought to you from my family living in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Mulay’s Italian Hot SausageWe started making Mulay’s Sausage to share with friends in 1990. I got the idea when we were in New York, visiting my husband’s family. We went to an Italian street festival where everybody and their cousin were selling Italian Sausage sandwiches with “peppa’s n onions”. I was forced into trying one, and I thought to myself, “My Nana’s are so much better than this!” Once back home, Ward had a brilliant idea! Let’s make sausages and sell them at our 4th of July celebration! We spent the next few weeks, pulling it together, grinding fresh, lean pork, mixing spices, and then came the “stuffing” part. We spent 12 hours making 400 sausages with a kitchen aid!

We proudly took our sausages to the 4th of July festival and began shouting “get your hot iTALian sausages hea’, peppa’s n-onions on’a home baked roll!” The sausages started selling faster than we could cook them! Everyone loved them and we’ve been making them ever since. People always tell us, “It’s just like I use to get in Brooklyn!” or Chicago, or Boston… and we just smile and know that it’s even better… our Sausage is ‘all natural’! “How can it be so good?” I asked my Nana. She told me “there is no secret. Good ingredients and love make the sausage so delicious.”

Fourth of July, 2009 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary selling sausage! The sausage eating contest was a blast and Ben Reaman was the big winner, downing 4 sausage sandwiches in less than 10 minutes! We are now approaching 24 years and are now in distribution in 25 states throughout the Western United States.