Italian Sausages – Testimonials

“These days, you can find great fresh, locally made sausages at almost any meat counter around town. So it would take a lot for a Colorado-based sausage maker to turn our heads and keep us coming back for more. And that’s exactly what Mulay’s Sausage did. We’ve tried the whole line and haven’t found a snoozer in the bunch.”      MIX Magazine, D. Centoni, Editor

“Mulay’s Sausage is hands down the best I’ve had. You can taste the quality and care put into their product and the fact that it’s also all natural makes it extremely marketable.”
Jeremy Glas C.E.C.
Past Chairman-Colorado Chefs Association

“There is LOVE in that sausage!”
Stephanie R. Warner

“The ingredients on the Mulay’s label are pork, water, salt, paprika, spices & garlic powder. It wasn’t over the top spicy, just enough to make you want to eat this stuff every day for the rest of your life.”
Cook & Be Merry, Lynne Hemer

“My husband was born in Elko, NV, the son of Basque parents, who had immigrated from northern Spain. He remembers making Chorizo with his mother and their Basque family when he was a child. What a delight it was to find your Chorizo here in Bend, Or. What a treat to find such good quality Chorizo, made with all natural ingredients. We had a delightful Christmas Eve dinner featuring Mulay’s Chorizo with steamed clams in wine sauce.
D & E Ayarra   

“You have an amazing product as well as fantastic packaging. Your brand will do extremely well in the right target accounts. My wife and I are new Mulay’s customers!!”
Reuben Morales, Presence Marketing Northwest

“Since I was a little girl, I have always had good sausage. But now I have had the best! I love your Breakfast Sausages. My 17 year old has never been fond of the various sausages we’ve had over the years… I have to say, they aren’t made like the old days. Then we found yours! WOW! And gluten free is even better as we both have problems with wheat.”
Penny Gerbode, San Francisco

“It is great for a customer to like a product so much they go out of their way to write an email to the owner, that should make you proud! We are very happy to be working with you on your line, it really is a great product. For the record, I love it just as much, only my favorite is the killer hot. Love It!”
R.Bon Santa Rosa, CA

“Really outstanding sausages!”
Mayra Martinez, St. Helena, CA

“I LOVE your sausage…and I am NOT a sausage fan. I only bought it because my autistic son is on the GAPS diet and they recommend lots of protein – for breakfast – sausage without all the crap! I decided to try it and loved it.”
L. Cooper, S. California    

“Friends, …Several of you know what a “Mulay” is: the best damn sausage ever made. I am bringing in 30 lbs of Mulay’s for the game and can already hear some of my sausage buddies chanting, “Let’s Go Canes” and then singing Mulay, Mulay to the tune of “Louie, Louie”
John W. Kozyak, Miami, Fl

Loree and Ward, If the first demo for just three hours this evening is any indication of how well it will do… Almost all the product the store ordered is gone! Trina said it was the best results for a demo, ever. It is all about your product. Congrats!
A Defourneaux, New Orleans, LA

“Friends and clients, dropped by a bag of sausages from Colorado that they claimed were the best they ever had. We grilled them up and found them outstanding! So I ordered up 10 lbs of their sausages and we will be grilling those Saturday! I ordered another 10 cases to sell at the store!”
M. Bittel – Coral Gables, FL

“These wonderful sausages are quickly becoming famous at our tail gates!! I’m looking forward to trying the “Killer Hot”!! Many thanks.”
Anne Murray; Bannockburn, IL

“My husband is from Wisconsin, so he knows his sausage, and he eats a lot of it. He enjoyed Mulay Sausage so much that I bought he and my father a case of the sausage for their birthdays. For the birthday celebration we cooked some of the sausage and my brother-in-law ate 8 sausages, with buns!”
Tammy Scott, Gunnison, CO

“I love sausage and seek out the world’s best. Some would call me a sausage connoisseur. Mulay’s Hot and Spicy earns five stars, and a permanent spot on the third shelf of my refrigerator!”
John Norton, Crested Butte, CO

“I’m remembering how Uncle Ralph cleaned the bowl of Thanksgiving stuffing made with Mulay’s sausage. He just couldn’t get enough!”
Fran Weisman, Lantana, FL

“Congratulations in your efforts to be amongst the best!”
Joan Milano

“We just tried all of your samples all of us were quite impressed. We have a chef on out team who worked in several casino’s including Bellagio and he is impressed. Thanks and have a great weekend!”
David DeVane
President/CEO, Sysco Food Services of Las Vegas

“LOVED that sausage at MDA Camp last week!”
Your personal (retired) firefighter, E.Sondeen