Mulay’s sausage press release 1109


Loree Mulay-Weisman, Mulay’s Sausage Corporation 970.349.1423,

We have something new to share…with you, our valued customers.

Mulay’s Sausage is carefully crafted according to a centuries-old family recipe from Sicily, Italy, lovingly passed down through the generations. Quality ingredients and a passion for out-of-this-world taste is what makes our products stand out in the refrigerator case and on the tables of those who appreciate all-natural goodness.

Today, we are announcing a change to make our sausage even more appealing: a switch to antibiotic free pork (ABF). Previously, we used all-natural pork that was “residue free” from antibiotics, also a very high-quality ingredient. As our company grows, we see this as the next step in our evolution and a direct response to consumer preferences.

As always, we will continue purchasing only vegetarian-fed, humanely treated animals and can ensure that the “never ever” pork we are now using is the very best, highest quality available in the marketplace today. Of course, there has never been, nor will there ever be nitrates, MSG, sugar, soy or dairy in any of our products. Mulay’s Sausages are certified gluten free by the Celiac Spruce Association.

As a small family business, we look at each and every decision carefully. We constantly strive to keep our pricing as fair as possible so everyone can enjoy our family’s wonderful tradition. The new pork standards come with a cost. Hopefully the small increase in price will be outweighed by the knowledge that buyers are providing their families and friends with the very best, most healthy sausage products available today.

One way that we found to help counterbalance the cost increase is to ship our product in slightly larger cases containing 10 one-pound ground packages or 12 twelve-ounce link packages.

Thank you in advance for sharing the tradition of Mulay’s Sausage with your customers. We value your support and are available to answer any questions you may have.