Mulay’s Sausages – Selling Points

“Mulay’s Sausage is hands down the best I’ve had. You can taste the quality and care put into their product and the fact that it’s also all natural makes it extremely marketable.”

Jeremy Glas C.E.C., Past Chairman-Colorado Chefs Association

Selling Points

  • Colorado Proud, woman owned company, Member Colorado Chefs Association
  • Certified Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, MSG Free, Sugar Free
  • No Nitrates or Preservatives 
  • We only use naturally certified Pork that assures the health of every hog from start to finish by adherence to strict, mandated specifications.  
  • Sausage is made from the pork shoulder and is 80% Lean. 
  • Shipped frozen. 
  • 10 lb link and 20 lb bulk cases with 5 lb individually vacuum sealed bags
  • Purchase raw or cooked product
  • Produced in a Certified Listeria Free Plant
Hot Italian
“The best damn sausage you’ve ever tasted!” … a testament heard from many! An excellent sausage with just the right kick… it keeps you coming back for more. Our families original recipe from Sicily, solely responsible for our cult following.
Mild Italian
This all ‘round crowd pleaser has all of the great flavor of our original, without the kick. 
Killer Hot
For the few, the crazy, the extreme!  A hot product sells a lot of beer.
An excellent all natural breakfast sausage that is savory and complements many dishes or can easily stand alone. Made for our daughter the sausage monster!
Brätwurst New!
Crafted in the authentic, old world style this brat remains true to Mulay’s standards of excellence. You won’t believe the flavor!
Chorizo – New!
Deep in color, rich and flavorful this fresh ground sausage is lean and all natural


Here it is, the opportunity to give your discerning customers what they have been looking for… A premium, All Natural, Gluten Free Product, without sacrificing flavor or overall quality.  

“Let Mulay’s take you back to a slower simpler time when food was made to be enjoyed
and family and friends truly appreciated.”