Hot Italian Sausage

“I’m taking the time to write because I love your sausage… Tastes like my Sicilian grandmother’s homemade sausages.” -C.G. Blick

Our Hot Italian Sausage is Nana’s original recipe from Sicily, handed down through generations. It is “hot n’ spicy, just the way you like it!” It has the perfect kick — not too hot — but each bite keeps you coming back for more. Original Hot Italian Sausage I remember my Nanu (Grandfather) making the sausage on the kitchen table. The fresh ground pork was spread out and he would grab handfuls of the loose spices and sprinkle them all around. Then he would fold it all in with his hands. And then Nana would cook it and we would EAT it! Yumm… Mulay’s Original Hot Italian Sausage comes in both Links and Ground for your favorite recipes. Check out a few of our favorite Italian Sausage Recipe ideas: Grill sausage links with peppers and onions and serve on a crusty fresh roll ~ an east coast tradition Our Italian Sausage makes THE best spaghetti sauce Sausage and Eggplant shish kabobs Homemade Pizza! Lasagna, Ciopino, and Stuffed Artichokes (amazing!) Crumble ground sausage in pasta with white wine and mushrooms.  Oh!  don’t forget Nana’s famous Italian Sausage Stuffing! Mulay’s Sausage is always All Natural, Antibiotic Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free.  Mulay’s is Paleo Perfect!  A Natural Tradition from our Family to yours… Enjoy.