Our Sausage

“Let Mulay’s take you back to a slower, simpler time when food was made to be enjoyed and family and friends truly appreciated.”

It all started with my Nana’s recipe from Sicily that has been handed down throughout the generations. Long before it was trendy, the Mulay’s made their sausages with the freshest, natural ingredients available and a whole lot of love. Today, we are happy to continue our family tradition of making great sausage and are proud to be able to share it with you.
From our family to yours, Enjoy!

We use only whole muscle meat that is 100% Antibiotic Free and humanely raised. Our sausages are lean, made from the pork shoulder and “picnics.” This means that we use the really good meat and when you cook the sausage there is hardly any grease in the pan or flare ups on the BBQ.  Ok, it’s simply healthier for you too!  

Our Sausage has always been Gluten Free! This means that we don’t use any grains or fillers in our sausage that are found in many other brands. There are NO Nitrates, NO MSG, NO Sugar, NO Dairy or NO Soy in our Sausage!

“You do have the most awesome sausage ever!” A. Godalo

It is a simple choice. If you are looking for the very best sausage, you have found it.  From our family to yours…  Enjoy!

Hot Italian Sausage
Our Hot Italian Sausage is Nana’s original recipe from Sicily, handed down through generations. “Hot n’ spicy, just the way you like it!” It has perfect kick, not too hot, but each bite keeps you coming back for more.

Mild Italian Sausage
We created our Mild Italian Sausage after years of “begging” from a local contingent of folks who insisted that they loved the hot sausage but it was just too spicy for them or their kids or grandma. Thus our Mulay’s Mild Sausage was born and is disappearing as fast as the original.

Killer Hot Italian
Here is a very well balanced HOT sausage link. You can actually taste the sausage first then with each bite, the heat builds. This is HOT sausage that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For the few, the crazy, the extreme! You know who you are!

Breakfast Sausage
Developed for our daughter Lyza, a self proclaimed “Sausage Monster”, this breakfast sausage has become a hit with families across the country! Now you too can feel good about serving friends and family a great tasting, healthy Breakfast Sausage that is 80% lean!

Crafted in the authentic, old world style this Brat exceeds our standards of excellence and tips its hat to my Mother’s side of the family! Well rounded, excellent flavor without all the fat.

Our wonderful Mexican style chorizo is deep in color and rich in flavor, spicy without being hot. Lean and natural… Yum!

“I love this sausage sooo much — I feel the LOVE in your sausages.” C. Evans