“Mulay’s Sausage is hands down the best I’ve had. You can taste the quality and care put into the product and the fact that it’s also all natural makes it extremely marketable.”

Jeremy Glas C.E.C.
Past Chair -CO Chefs Association

Mulay’s Sausage has with stood the test of time. It is Natural, Antibiotic Free, Humanely Raised, Certified Gluten Free and simply tastes great! Mulay’s has been in business since 1990 and was started with our Nana’s recipe from Sicily. When quality and value are important to you and your clients, Mulay’s is the Natural Choice.

Selling Points

  • All Natural, Antibiotic Free
  • Humanely Raised
  • No Hormones, Nitrates or Preservatives
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, MSG Free
  • Mulay’s Sausage is Lean. Get what you pay for! There is little or no shrinkage with Mulay’s.
  • 10lb link and 20lb bulk cases with 5 lb individual vacuum sealed packages
  • It is shipped frozen, keep frozen until ready to use.  Low spoils! 
  • Purchase raw or cooked.


Item # Original “Hot” Italian
164 HOT LINK 4:1 2 – 5 lb bags
174 HOT LINK 4:1 – COOKED 2 – 5 lb bags
104 HOT GROUND, BULK 4 – 5 lb bags
Item # Mild Italian
166 MILD LINK 4:1 2 – 5 lb bags
106 MILD GROUND, BULK 4 – 5 lb bags
Item # Killer Hot Italian
162 KILLER HOT LINK 4:1 2 – 5 lb bags
Item # Breakfast Sausage
181 BREAKFAST LINK 8:1 2 – 5 lb bags
101 BREAKFAST, BULK 4 – 5 lb bags
Item # Brätwurst
165 BRATWURST LINK 4:1 2 – 5 lb bags
Item # Chorizo
103 CHORIZO BULK 4 – 5 lb bags

Here it is, the opportunity to give your discerning customers what they have been looking for… an All Natural, Gluten Free Product without sacrificing flavor or overall quality and taste. Please give Mulay’s Sausage a try! Share it with your family and friends and see for yourself that Mulay’s Sausage is some of the best sausage you have ever tasted.

“We just tried all of your samples all of us were quite impressed. We have a chef on our team who worked in several casinos, including Bellagio, and he is impressed!”

David DeVane
Sysco Food Services